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I couldn't resist

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Well, I was talking about the Peek email only device last night I did a little research. I found them on amazon.com for significantly lower than the $99.95 the company is selling them for. More specifically I found the Aqua one for $65.25. I took my change to the coinstar machine and came out with an amazon coupon for $68.23. Shipping pushed it to just past 70 bucks for the Peek so I had to spend about $4.50 for my Peek. I am excited. I have been preparing ever since. I set up my email to be able to update Twitter by sending an email. This will also update my Facebook status. I also finally figured out how to blog here from my email.

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Trauma Junkie said...
January 7, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

That's pretty neat.

I didn't know you were on Twitter. I'm @myrtlife.

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