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CF adults


Ok, so the past week I've been telling you about these amazing kids growing up with CF. The last couple of days though I have gotten to meet some adults who have cystic fibrosis. These guys were blessed with the chance at life by receiving lung transplants. I've said it before but I believe organ donation should be an opt out system instead of an opt in system. Go check out my new friends Christy, at Color Me Healthy, Katey at Katey at My CF Journey with God, and Steven at Breathin Steven (kind of catchy). I will warn you though, when you read Steven's story about Kari, the girl whose lungs he received, have some kleenex handy. It'll bring up a few tears. Oh, and Katey also has a post that I think is very special. Go see for yourself :)

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Genevieve said...
January 26, 2009 at 6:29 PM  

Just stopped by to browse ur blog, I'm battling bronchiectasis and a rare type of CF, I was diagnosed in 2007. I'm almost 37yrs old. It's been a rough ride.

I too have always wanted to see a transesophageal echo- I was a biology major in college with hopes of becoming a Doc. Now I'm an artist.
Go figure.

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