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Airway Management videos

Since we are going over the Airway management section I thought I would search for some videos online. Here are a couple of really neat videos. The first one is almost 13 minutes long (just thought I would warn you)

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A much needed Spring Break

Thats right, here I am on Spring break. We had a test today on lung expansion and blood gases. Kind of a refresher test because some of us haven't been doing so great. Anyway, I have a week off before I go back to work and school. When I go back I'll have an anatomy test and respiratory quiz on the first 2 days. I've made my index cards for the quiz and will start studying for it and the test. Now, I just need to get down to the much needed task of drinking some beer and watching the tarheels play

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Whats an RT student

I am a blogger and you may have read my other blog. I'll tell you about that later. Anyway, I am also a Respiratory Therapy student too. I am in my second semester, and my first one doing clinicals. I have been meaning to shut down my other blog because I don't have the time to keep it up. I wanted to keep my thoughts out there and keep my readers informed about my life. Since being an RT student is the biggest thing in my life, I thought that's what I would dedicate my blog to. Glad to have you here.

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