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In the break

well, I went to the school today to work on the Servo 900 some more. It is an older ventilator and one I had some trouble with in the last few weeks. I als spoke to the instructors today. In exciting news we are all now student members of AARC. We are also gonna be preparing to go to the NCSRC conference in Winston Salem in September. In the meantime we are selling raffle tickets for a laptop to raise money for the conference and beyond.

Another thing you know is that I consider myself a blogger. I don't think I have too many readers here yet but I have discovered a number of other RT student bloggers. Just check out my sidebar. http://dee-rt.blogspot.com/, http://my-rt-life.blogspot.com/, http://breathingthroughschool.blogspot.com/, and http://sometimesibreathe.blogspot.com/. If you're reading this go on and check out their blogs.

The main courses I will be taking this fall along with 2 clinical days per week are:

RCP 211 Advanced Monitoring
This is just the continuation of the Mechanical Ventilation class I took over the summer. I couldn't find a course description online so I will tell you more later.

RCP 213 Neonatal Concepts
Pretty much everything I've learned so far but scaled down to apply to infants.

I've attached a picture of me wearing the vest, a chest percussion therapy device

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Whew...what a summer

Well, I have made it through the summer. It is definitely the hardest semester I've had so far. We went from 11 students to 6. That's right, 6. We lost 3 after the final exam. it sucks too because all are people I consider friends and people that I will miss. Luckily the ones I am closest to are still there. Also, to raise money we are now raffling a dell laptop. Hoping to make about 1000 if everyone sells all of their tickets. I have sold 13 out of my 50.
Another thing I am happy about is the fact that I have 3 weeks off. I don't go back to school until the 18th. There will definitely be days of sleeping late in there. I also am excited about the state conference in September. I do get to share a room with ALL 6 of my classmates. I'm sure being the only guy will get me relegated to the air mattress. That should definitely be an interesting experience. I will definitely tell about it and post pics to my flickr page.

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