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ACLS This weekend

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Intubation tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is the day. I am going to a hospital I have not been to for a special clinical experience. I am going to intubate surgical patients. I need to get 4 checkoffs and have 2 days to do it in. If I don't get them all I will just have to return next semester. Some of my classmates have had less than pleasant experiences with the staff there. I am not worried though because I consider myself more of a people person. We will see though.

For those of you who don't know what intubation is I will tell you. It is when you have to put a tube down someones throat into the trachea to help them breathe. There are many different situations where this is necessary. Surgery where they are going to be placed under anasthesia and will need a machine to breathe for them, and emergencies where they can't breathe or can't protect their airway. Wish me luck.

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