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halfway home

well, I had my final checkoff this morning. I also found out that I made an 85 on my final exam. That puts me at a solid "C" for all of my classes. Not the greatest, not the worst, but a solid passing grade. I do have to repeat a few things on the checkoff as do everyone in my class. Mine are pretty simple. I had the teacher exhale into an Incentive Spirometer (when she should've inhaled), forgot to pull out the syringe for the ABG so the blood could fill it up, didn't keep my sterile glove sterile in the nasotracheal suctioning section, and forgot some of the 11 criteria for extubation. Thats ok though, I'll be at the school with my classmates tomorrow and repeat the checkoff on Monday. Then I have a week off before returning for the summer.

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