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Got my Peek today


This is my peek in the box

Here is the Peek
Here is the Peek in use

I've been talking about the Peek for the last couple of days. If you remember, I bought one on amazon with my spare change. Well, it arrived today and as promised, it was up and running in no time. I got the Aqua blue one and it wasn't my first choice but the price was right. All I had to do was put the battery in and turn it on. It came up with a message for me to enter my email address and password. I then received an email with my PIN. I just went to the website and put in my credit card and that was it. In no time I was receiving emails. I even emailed in my twitter/facebook updates with it. Now for the complaints

1) The emails come in about 5 minutes after they actually come to my email account. This is only noticeable when I'm sitting here comparing. When I rely on the Peek at work I won't know that they are 5 minutes behind.

2) The contacts won't let me type in the first letter of a name to jump to that section. I have to scroll all the way down. Now, in the "To" field in new emails I can type in the first letter of the email address (not the name) and it will bring them up.

We'll see if my enjoyment with the Peek continues. So far it seems like it's gonna be great.

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