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Top Respiratory Blogs

Exciting news. I discovered that Rick over at Respiratory Therapy Cave posted his "Top 23 Respiratory Therapy Blogs of 2008" and more importantly he included a couple of student blogs. Including this one. I was pretty excited because he included me and a couple of my blogging friends. I know, I'm supposed to be talking about school and all but we are on break between semesters. Don't worry, I'll be back to school soon. But like my buddy the Trauma Junkie (who was also on the list, just a little higher), I'll tell you what was said.

"9. RT Student Blog: I
always say you can learn more from RT Students than seasoned doctors
mainly because students have all the up to date wisdom while seasoned
doctors still go by the wisdom of the day they graduated, which is
often wisdom that is antediluvian. This blogger puts a student spin on"
current RT wisdom."

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