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Clinicals this week

What a week. It was my last week of clinicals this semester and it was something else. Apparently, RT's must go to all C-sections because the babies have a tendency to come out not breathing. You guessed it. Yours truly got to go to a C-section. My first time ever at a childbirth. It was amazing and it was messy. The baby came out screaming though which is a sure sign of breathing and also of the RT's not needed.

We also did our EKG labs today. That was kind of interesting. people seem to forget that that is the responsibility of RT's even though nurses and nursing assistants perform that duty at most hospitals. Of course I was the guinea pig for the the whole class. I was the one that the teacher demonstrated on. Not a bad day. Now I'm preparing for my EKG test friday. Then final checkoffs and final checkoffs and exams. Then my week and a half break before summer starts.

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Freadom said...
April 30, 2008 at 11:33 PM  

I'm certainly glad we don't have to go to all c-sections. In fact, I've never gone to one. Hope that streak continues.

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